What can catechists resolve to do to begin this new year?  Even though it is not a “new year” in terms of programming, it is worth reflecting on what you can do to begin this year, 2013, anew.

Consider the following:

1. Resolve to daily pray for the students in your class and/or in your program.

2. Find ways to improve what you began at the beginning of the year (that could be fostering fellowship among the catechists, helping your students encounter different ways to pray, it could be collaborating more with fellow catechists, or maybe it’s making sure you take that time to prepare well for each class.

3. Resolve to cultivate your class/group of students/adults.  The more others know that you care and want to do your best to meet their needs the more they will feel a part of a faith filled parish community.

4. Take a few moments and recommit to what you began in August/September.  Being a catechist is more than a volunteer position, it is an apostolate where one is called to authentically pass on the Catholic Faith.  What a gift and a responsibility that God has called you to.  Make the second half of the year and the beginning of a new calendar year a blessed one!

What are your plans for the new year?