ImageIt’s only the middle of January so I’m sure many people who started off the year with some New Year’s Resolutions feel good.  I think catechists and children alike should consider as 2013 gets off to a running start to write down and then follow up on how they hope to grow this year.  Have we made spiritual goals for 2013.  Yes, even kids should have some spiritual goals.  One way to do this in a Religious Education setting is to give your students an index card or a half sheet of paper.  Have them write down 2 or 3 ways they want to grow in their relationship with God this year.  After doing so have them put it in an envelope and seal it.  Take it up and keep it until the end of your Religious Education year give it back to then and have them open it.  Then share with them – how are you doing so far?  If they don’t feel like they are doing great, just encourage them to take the summer to really dive into making 2013 a year of growth and deeper love for Jesus.