challengesOver the last year I’ve noticed a trend that is unsettling to me – the consecutive missing of weekly class by students.  Last night, 10 kids out of 16 were missing from one class.  No one informed our office that their child would not be in class.  Recently when one parent wrote me an email saying that their kid was really busy with school work and they thought it best to miss School of Religion, a friend said to me that I should have said “don’t worry about your son missing, it’s only eternity we are talking about”.

Here are few questions that I wish I had more clear answers to:

1. Why is it that parents put other things consistently before faith formation?

2. Why is it a challenge to get kids to make up the work they missed when not attending class?

3. What can be done about helping parents see that when all is said and done about raising their child (ok, it’s never all said and done) will there be faith? And did you as a parent help your child come to know and love Christ to the best of your ability (and that is going beyond merely bringing you child to religious education classes).

Parents and kids alike are over-scheduled, but they find the time to fit two or three sports in at a time, what is it about faith formation that does compel them to make it a priority?

Any insights?  Please take a few moments to comment.