As the Church approaches the end of the Year of Faith, the Vatican held a Catechetical Congress.  Thousands of catechists attended. Pope Francis said some things worth pondering:

1. Being a catechist “begins with Christ.”

2.   “The first thing, for a disciple, is to be with the Master: to listen to and learn from Him. This is always the case, and it is a way that lasts a lifetime!”

3. “In the heart of the catechist, there always lives this ‘systolic- diastolic’ movement: union with Jesus; encounter with the other, if one of these two movements is no longer beating, then you do not live.” 

4. “Be careful. I have not said to do the work of a catechist, but rather to be one, because it involves all your life. It means guiding towards the encounter with Jesus with words and with life, with your witness.”


It would be easy to comment about all these but for now I encourage you to ponder these thoughts from Pope Francis. 


What did he say that spoke to you most?Image