This time it’s not the cart before the horse but the sled before the turkey.  What happened to preparations for Thanksgiving?  According to all that I’m see and hearing it’s about Christmas and that the Christmas Season is here.  So much of what we hear speaks about this being the happiest time of year and Christmas being the best day of the year.  Why does society find it to be such a great time of year? Is it in celebrations of Christ’s Birth which is one of the single greatest events in human history?  Is it that it is an opportunity to prepare for His second coming when he will come again to judge the living and the dead?  Unfortunately, I’m afraid non-Christians and even Christians alike tend to “love” this time of year because it raises up in them warm and happy feelings (not that it and of itself that is bad) and of people feeling like it is a magical time of year.  Some factors are: the weather, the decorations are different, the music playing is full of delight and of course we get to do one of the most enjoyable things as a society — Buy Stuff!  Image

Before we enter into the Advent Season which is still a half a month away, as followers of Christ let’s not respond to the upcoming holiday season as merely magical but as something deeply spiritual.  I like the holiday season as much as anyone, but I believe God is calling me to be rooted in the true reasons why the holiday season is special.  It’s about what God has done for us and his great care, kindness and mercy for us – for me. 

As disciples, as catechists, as parents let us seek to be in Christ, with Christ and seek Him to act through us so that the world may know Jesus, know the goodness of God the Father who provides for his people and know that presents, annual holiday parties are only secondary to celebrating the wonders of God and his infinite blessings!!!