ImageJesus said today in the Gospel: “I do not want to send them away hungry,
for fear they may collapse on the way.” Jesus is our savior and without Him we fail – maybe not immediately but in the end He is our only hope and He is the hope of the world.  The world needs Jesus!  In our society everyone is saying its Christmas time and how “magical” it is.  But non-Christian and Christians alike seek to feast on things that are not what Jesus wants to feed us with.  What in your life might cause you to “collapse on the way”?


Seek to attend a daily Mass for Jesus to fill you with the most delightful of food – Himself.  Or if you are not able to attend Mass read the daily Mass readings so that Jesus may fill you with His Words of life!


Jesus nourish and guide me this Advent Season!  May others know your goodness and love through my witness of you! Amen.