St. Nicholas, more than a chubby happy fellow


St. Nicholas“As bishop of Myra, Nicholas seemed more aware than ever of people’s needs. He would appear all over the city offering help to anyone in difficulty, then quietly disappear without waiting for thanks. He shunned publicity. Still, his reputation as a holy man grew and grew, even spreading to distant cities that had never seen him.


SpacerHe was especially interested that families had enough to eat and a good place to live, that children got ahead in life, and that old people lived out their lives with dignity and respect. And he always loved the sailors living so dangerously on the sea. Without their ships, people everywhere would be without food and other goods they carried for trade.


SpacerYet it is as a lover of children that Nicholas is best remembered today. While he lived, he gave the little ones he met small gifts– some candy, a toy. His kindness, which always managed to surprise them, touched their hearts, and they learned from this holy man what a beautiful thing giving is.


SpacerIn the figure of Santa Claus, whose name and activity Nicholas inspired, we have this saint with us today.”

~ Fr. Victor Hoagland, C.P.



Today, I will remember that this Season is about Christ and proclaiming and celebrating Him through my desire to love Christ and serve Him in my neighbor.  Seek to do a kind deed or two to surprise another.


St. Nicholas, you sought to give without any recognition and you did it because of your desire to reflect Jesus Christ.  We pray for all children that they may be the people you have called them to be through their Baptism. Bless them and draw them closer to Jesus! Amen.

St. Nicholas