Recently I read the following quote that got me thinking:

“This is the only condition that Christ really places on us: ‘Love one another as I have loved you.’  And we know very well how much he has loved us!  He died for us!”  ~ Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

 Let’s take a couple moments and consider what we might provide in our catechesis that helps others more fully embrace this condition (and others) by Jesus.

1. Do those you catechize know how Jesus Christ, God incarnate, who’s love is unconditional, does have conditions for His followers?  For example Christ calls us to “Take up our Cross and follow Him” (Mt. 16:24), Christ calls us in no uncertain terms to Love God with our whole heart mind and soul (Mt. 22:37), to love as he has loved us (Jn. 13:34) and even the call be humble (Mt. 19:24).  These “conditions” are calling us to respond to the message, the Good News and grace given as pure gift to His children (i.e., us).

2. Catechesis is meant to both echo the life saving message of grace, love, mercy and joy as well as call one to profess, to live a life that conveys one who has been changed, renewed, reborn into this abundant life promised by Christ.

“Conditions” can have a positive reality to them and I believe Christ shows us this truth.

What are your thoughts?