William O’Leary
Kansas City, Kansas, United States
I am married to my beautiful bride Sarah and we currently have three wonderful children: Tobias. Mary-Elizabeth and Clare. I am the Director of Religious Formation at a large Catholic Parish. Our School of Religion Program has approximately 1,000 students enrolled. I love sharing with others my Catholic Faith. Working with Catechists and helping train, equip, and encourage them is what I love.
I’m a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville where I received my BA and MA in Theology with a specialization in Catechetics.

11 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Caroline Cerveny, SSJ Says:

    Dear Willilam,

    So good to see your use of a blog in catechetical ministry. I notice that you are involved in a catechetical program with a large number of students. Could you tell me more about how you use media and technology in your parish program?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Caroline, ssj

    1. woleary Says:


      I try to use media in a few ways. One is that I am going through our many videos that we have in our resource library and making suggestions on how catechists can properly use them for class – I’m not for showing the whole 30 or hour long video, but I’m for using videos to make a point. Secondly, I show catechists how to put music to a section of a movie or I use show how you can use a Christian Music video to teach from. Also, I’m working on our parish website to provide resources for my catechists, and the parents in our program. I have not posted the info yet but I’m working on it.
      I hope that helps. God bless!

  2. William,

    May your work prosper so that more people will be enlighten with the work of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.
    More power!!!

    1. woleary Says:

      Fr. Somosierra, Jr.,

      Thank you very much. May Christ also lead you and your work in the ministry of Catechesis!

      In Christ,
      William O’Leary

  3. Joe Paprocki Says:

    Hi William. Great to meet you at NCCL. I have indeed visited your blog many times…good work. I’m having trouble finding your “About” page. Am I missing it? You need to be sure that your blog has a face…YOURS!!! People are attracted to blogs because of the topic but return because of the person. Get your smiling face out there! 🙂 -joe

    1. woleary Says:

      It was great meeting you as well at NCCL. It’s always great to finally meet in person. I look forward to being in touch! God Bless!

  4. Fr. Erbin Fernandez Says:

    Hi William,
    Lovely site you have that I will definitely encourage my catechists in the Archdiocese of Singapore to visit. By the way i am Fr. Erbin Fernandez, the catechetical director. I have begun a major work of renewal in my archdiocese using the book : The Craft of Catechesis and the CCC, which came out of the colloboration of 3 institutes. One which you graduated from!….Anyway the rediscovery of the Pedagogy of God has caught like wildfire in my diocese and i have designed a course to train catechist and virtually all other ministries of the word with.

    We really need to link the entire work of the church under the catechumenal model and bridge the theological divides created by the divore between method and content. I feel the Pedagogy of God really does heal that rift!

    Let’s stay in touch. I dont have a blog but my email address is below: erbin@catholicspi.org

    Fr. Erbin F

    1. William Says:

      Fr. Erbin,
      Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your encouragement. It sounds like great things are happening in your diocese. I look forward to being in contact with you! May the Holy Spirit continue to lead and guide you and the catechists in your diocese!

  5. Fr. Erbin Fernandez Says:

    once again great site…

  6. dexter ian Says:


    How are you?
    I am Dexter from the Philippines. I am actually doing a research study regarding the formation of catechists (on-going formation), and i’m planning of proposing a program. (this is for my master’s degree in theology) I found your blog useful for my study.. Is it okay if i refer to your blog every now and then for my proposed program? thanks!!!


    1. William Says:

      Sure Dexter that would be fine. That sounds very interesting that you are going to propose a program for catechists.

      God Bless,

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