I’m always interested in finding short videos that I can use in my teaching or to pass on to catechists.  This video was created by catholicscomehome.org.  I thought they did a great job. If you have not already seen it, it’s a worthwhile 4 minutes.

In ministry we are always trying to find ways to show others how to respond to serving others.  Here is a great video clip to help illustrate serving Jesus in others.  I’m going to be using this soon to a group of 1st -6th graders and their parents.

I can’t help but share this youtube video that someone sent me.  It is only 1:48 long but it is powerful.  May the words others hear (and see) be a catalyst for change.



For the last number of years I’ve tried to use a variety of video clips to help engage and catechize students.  Taking 30 minutes to an hour of class time to show a video is mostly an unproductive use of time.  However, using a 2 to 7 minute video clip from movies (wingclips.com is a great site), commercials, and youtube can be a great way to make a particular point and expand on it.  Feel free to check out some of the clip I have on my blog page (go to the right side of the page).

How do you use video clips to teach?